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ProXZir Solid - Zirconia

The product is 100% metal-free, a feature that prevents gingival darkening and removes the possibility of exposing metallic margins if gum recession begins. They are naturally esthetic, transmit the color of adjacent teeth, and can be matched to any shade.


✓ Highly biocompatible

✓ Low CTE

✓ Bond or Cement

✓ Perfect for hiding dark or discolored stumps.

✓No concerns for “dark lines” at the gum

✓ No known allergies / sensitivities


✓ Engineered to withstand the toughest challenges of the oral environment

✓ An esthetic alternative to cast gold and metal occlusal PFMs

✓ Synthetic ceramics for low wear

✓ Great for bruxers who have destroyed natural teeth or previous dental restorations

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