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TCS Flexible

Lightweight and Comfortable
TCS resins have properties that allow partials to be fabricated very thin without compromising durability, making them very flexible and comfortable for every day use.

Aesthetic. Undetectable in the mouth
TCS restorations are manufactured to blend naturally with a patients surrounding tissue and gums. A well designed and fabricated TCS appliance is unnoticeable in a patient’s mouth.

BPA & Monomer Free
TCS restorations are biocompatible and ideal for patients that are allergic to monomer found in acrylic dentures.

Unlike permanent tooth replacement options such as, crown/bridge and implants, TCS partials are non-invasive, making them ideal for patients with a low threshold for pain and/or for the elderly. The unique characteristics of TCS partials utilize the tissue undercuts and portions of abutment teeth for retention.

TCS restorations can last a lifetime. Their unique characteristics allow for a break resistant and highly durable restoration. Natural changes in the mouth may require changes to the restoration. Eg. tooth addition.

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