HiCeram Dental Laboratories specialize in fabrication of all kinds of implant restorations including custom abutments. The range of dental implants we restore include tissue-level and bone-level implants.

In general, we use two types of implant abutments: stock abutment and custom abutment. While the stock abutments purchased from the manufacturer are still widely popular, the benefits of using custom abutments are more evident. The precise fit and ability to maintain tissue support and inter proximal bone height distinguish custom abutments and make them the most demanded product manufactured by our laboratories.

At custom abutments Dental Laboratories we fabricate custom abutments using latest CAD/CAM technologies combined with special manual techniques. Custom abutments may be fabricated in Titanium, Zirconia,UCLA Gold adopt abutment, and Zirconia with Titanium interface (Hybrid.) Hybrid custom abutments become the most popular type of abutments for their durability and esthetics. For your case planning we strongly recommend contacting our implant specialists at (877) 448-3726 (877) HICERAM.

We fabricate custom abutments for the following implant manufacturers/systems:

  • Ankylos & Xive
  • Astra Tech
  • Biohorizons
  • Biomet 3iCertain
  • Implant Direct
  • Keystone PrimaConnez
  • Lifecore Prima & Renova
  • MIS
  • Nobel Biocare Active
  • Nobel Biocare Replace Select
  • Nobel Biocare External Hex
  • Straumann Bone Level
  • Straumann SynaOcta
  • Zimmer Screw Vent