Crown & Bridge

Crown & Bridge

Crown & Bridge Restorations are still a very popular line of product we continue to offer to our clients. We use only the latest ADA approved materials. The composition of Alloys we use to fabricate your crowns is available upon request. Veneering porcelain used for Crown & Bridge Restorations is a high or low fusing material from the most famous porcelain maker on the market such as Noritake EX-3, Vita VM-13, IPS D.Sign, VMK MASTER, Creation CC.

To ensure the accuracy of the fit every step of the fabrication is checked under 20x microscope. The proximal contacts are checked on the solid model and occlusal contacts are fitted strictly to your specifications.

We exercise the highest precision of shade matching using VITA 3D-MASTER shade system,original VITA shade guide, Ivoclar’s Chromoscope, and other available shade guide systems on the market. For fabrication of gingival porcelain we will provide you with our very own shade guide system containing 6 different shades of gingival porcelain.

To discuss your preferences or other details please contact our certified technicians (877) 442-3726 | (877) HICERAM. We emphasis the importance of personal contact and one on one communication with our dentists.


The new Captek Nano™ group of materials is a new improved type of Captek that is stronger and more adaptable. This material can be used for any crown or bridge application.

Through the use of Nano technology, Captek engineers have developed three unique materials:Nano Bridge & Implant™ for all areas and high-stress uses whereas in the past only cast PFMs could be utilized, Universal for bicuspids and anterior’s requiring strength and esthetics, and Nano Esthetic Zone™ for incisors and lower cuspids where an extra thin coping offers aesthetic benefits. Captek Nano™ materials provide the same unrivaled fit and health as well as a life-like aesthetics Captek™ has always been praised for.

Please visit for complete details on Captek Nano™ materials, their specifications and uses.

Captek offers complete color control, regardless of the primary tooth structure.

  • Warm gold color simulates the vitality of living tooth structures, whereas ceramic cores are too transparent, grayish, or too white, which clearly increases the chroma.
  • Patented reflective surface is able to refract and reflect light. This ability to capture and scatter reflected light adds a superior vigor and unifying effect.
  • Captek substructure makes crown look beautifully and the tissue condition healthy.
  • Less aggressive preparation compared to the all-ceramic prep
  • Perfect biocompatibility and plaque resistance

Research from Harvard School of Dental Medicine has found that “the tissue surrounding Captek™ crowns had the most proximate appearance to the gingival surrounding of the adjacent teeth when compared to all-ceramics, aluminum and metal cores.”