Zirconia is a natural resource material. It is one of the oldest and most common elements in the terrestrial crust of Earth and it is the base for Zirconia (Zirconium dioxide ZrO2.) The studies of Zirconium dioxide show that it has outstanding fracture toughness and chemical resistance. Tests conducted on Zirconia prove that there is no allergic reaction to this material. We back up our Zirconia restorations with a life-time warranty.

It is a naturally translucent material. Zirconia’s qualities allow create naturally looking, durable, and highly aesthetic restorations. Biocompatibility of this material is superb, homogenic surface allows smooth polishing with no abrasion. The material is extremely acid-proof that does not allow absorption of pollutants which helps during chair side cleaning. Overall, the strength, natural whiteness, translucency, and excellent biocompatibility makes it perfect for all the dental products listed below.


  • Anterior and posterior crowns, bridges of any span, cemented or screw retained implants.
  • Features/Benefits Metal-free Natural aesthetics, superior strength, high translucency, marginal integrity, wear compatibility
  • Preparation Chamfer margin design 1.2 mm Min. at the margin 1.5 – 2.0 mm reduction at incisal, facial, lingual.
  • Cementation Conventional cement (e.g. resin-modified glass ionomer) or dual cured
  • Adhesive resin Conventional cement (e.g. resin-modified glass ionomer) or dual cured
  • Adhesive resin Composition Yttria stabilized Ytrium Zirconia Physical Properties Flexural strength Fracture toughness CTE Modulus of elasticity >1500 MPa

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